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Benjamin Parker, a person under supervision

Follow the evidence in bringing a ‘fowl’ criminal to justice. This resource includes transcripts of the full evidence given at a real trial for theft of chickens in Victorian Shropshire. … Continue reading

Mason’s original extract of herbs

By the late Victorian era, consumers were offered a wide range of products which were advertised in newspapers, almanacs and periodicals.  This was especially so for brands of medicines, tonics … Continue reading

Music Hall

A thrilling evening of entertainment is promised by this poster for the Music Hall, Shrewsbury in 1876.  It claims to be the first visit to the town of the original ‘Pepper’s … Continue reading

Coton Hill School group

This group of infant children attended Coton Hill School in Shrewsbury.  In 1870, an Education Act was passed which said that all children between the ages of 5 and 10 … Continue reading

Shrewsbury and Chester Railway poster, 1852

The opening of the railways had a tremendous impact on people’s ability to travel. Journey times were greatly reduced. Trips which had taken hours in a coach on rutted roads … Continue reading


The threat of cholera was particularly alarming; it had spread across Europe from the east, reaching Britain in 1831. Shropshire had its first epidemic in 1832. Patients experienced extreme bouts … Continue reading