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Collapse of old St Chad’s Church, 1788

This watercolour shows the devastation after the collapse of the tower of St Chad’s Church, Shrewsbury. It was painted soon after the event by the Rev. Williams who painted many … Continue reading

Longdon aqueduct

Following the death of the engineer Josiah Clowes, Thomas Telford was appointed engineer on the Shrewsbury Canal and was asked to look at the aqueduct at Longdon, which had been … Continue reading

Plan of proposed route through Shrewsbury

In 1815, Thomas Telford was responsible for improvements to the road from London to Holyhead, a project which was to take many years. For the section through Shropshire, Telford had … Continue reading

The strength of cast iron

This document shows the results of experiments into the strength of cast iron at Ketley in 1795. It describes the methods used, and the weight each cast iron bar took … Continue reading