Offa’s Dyke

Offa's Dyke near Llanfair Hill by Gordon Dickins.

Offa’s Dyke near Llanfair Hill by Gordon Dickins.

Shropshire was part of the kingdom of Mercia. One of its most powerful kings was Offa, who ruled between 757- 796. He ordered that an earthwork bank and ditch be built along the western edge of his kingdom. This stretched from north to south, and largely defines the current border between England and Wales. Its construction was a huge undertaking. It shows a great deal of organisation and effort and reflects the power and influence which King Offa had.

Large stretches of Offa’s Dyke can still be seen along the western side of Shropshire. This photograph shows a well preserved stretch of the dyke near Lanfair Hill.

Photograph courtesy of Gordon Dickins

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